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About Soul Searchers

What happens when three business besties get together for deep discussions about life? A podcast is born! 

Soul Searchers started as a monthly mastermind between three friends looking to learn from each other & support each other as we tackled the many ventures and pursuits of being ambitious 20-somethings eager to take on the world. 

What started as a monthly mastermind quickly evolved into this podcast. Soul Searchers is on a mission to take its listeners on an exploratory journey inside themselves as we look to discuss & dive deep into some of life's biggest (and not so biggest topics). 

Our goal is to guide listeners to a deeper understanding of themselves & an awaken their truest soul within. 

Join us weekly as we dive deep into discussions & explore some of life's biggest & not so biggest topics, in an attempt to bring you a better understanding of yourself, so you can go out and have a more authentic, connected & soulful life ❤️

Meet The Hosts

Abigail M. 

Abigail is a spiritual poet and digital illustrator focused on bringing light to the metaphysical through creative expression.  Abigail hopes to foster self awareness, spiritual connection, and higher perspective to those who interact with her work. Her past time is spent listening to funk music, reading poetry, and pursuing personal projects.

Tyler Hall

Tyler is a certified transformational life coach & founder of Radically Transformed Coaching. Where he's on a mission to help people feel connected to their callings, confident in their bodies & courageous in their lives. He's an advocate for minimalism & a self proclaimed multipotentialite with a lot of passion projects swirling around in his head. 

Trish Whetstone

Trish is The Feel Good Gut Coach, a holistic health specialist with a knack for helping those with tummy issues. Trish takes an intuitive and lighthearted approach to wellness, and loves everything from yoga flows to the fudgiest brownies possible. She grew up a dog lover, but now her cat Smiles has turned her into a Crazy Cat; proof that us humans are ever-evolving! 


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